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 Coastar Therapeutics is a biotech company focusing on a novel delivery platform for repeated oncolytic virus dosing to fully utilize the potential of the viral immunotherapy against cancer.  


Demonstration of Coastar ELCV coating technology.

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Team for Success

Coastar Therapeutics is located at San Diego, where many biotechnology companies are based on. This give us the opportunity to form collaboration and strategic partnerships.


Team for Success

Connect to the World

Team for Success

  Coastar has a team with experienced entrepreneurs and expertise in various fields necessary for the development of its technology. We are also in active collaborations with academic labs in UCSD and have the resources to develop this highly robust technology.   


Connect to the World

Connect to the World

Connect to the World

Our IP is covered in several countries, which enable us to provide the solution worldwide and improve patients' cancer therapeutics in every corner of the world.

Our Science


Oncolytic virus


Oncolytic virus (OV) is the virus that can selectively infect and replicate in cancer cells. Once it lysis and kill tumor cells it exposes tumor antigens to trigger immune response and clear the rest of the cancer tissue. 

Key features of OV therapy:

Safe: Only infect and affect tumor cells

Effective: Virus utilizes cancer cells as factories to multiply itself

Versatile: Can be applied to all types of cancer and can combine with other immunotherapies (Ex: anti PD-1). 



•Oncolytic virus is rapidly neutralized by antibodies and innate immune system, which limits the potential of the therapy.

•Due to the rapid clearance of the virus and poor PK profile, intravascular delivery is unfeasible.


Novel Solution for an Emerging Therapy

  We have a novel virus coating platform that can coat human cell membrane on each individual virus to evade immune system recognition and clearance.  


Working Mechanism

How it works

Coastar’s ELCV coating platform used human cell lipid that contains self-identifying motifs to protect the virus from being neutralized by neutralizing antibody and immune cells.

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